Just like Lili, our mascot, you too can discover the gourmet riches of the Loire Valley.
The captain of the Fram will guide you on a fun and cultural tour.
Embark on a sensory, cultural and gourmet journey up Europe’s last wild river. (20 minutes). You too can explore the Loire, its banks and its terroirs…

Just like the FRAM… the last flat-bottomed steamer to leave Nantes in September 1918, loaded with sugar and cocoa beans bound for the Poulain chocolate factory in Blois. A veritable mosaic of our Loire terroirs, making up the Loire culinary heritage. Whether you’re a visitor, a traveller or a gourmet, you too can enjoy and share all these delights in the charming village of Turquant.
The Ligérama, the Fram and its captain have some surprises in store for you.
Discover the gourmet delights
of the Loire, from salt marshes to volcanoes.