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In 1967, Guy and Anne-Marie Duveau began farming their land in a mixed farming system. In addition to a few acres of vines in Bourgueil, they grow asparagus, green beans, cereals and tobacco…
From 1967 onwards, Guy and Anne-Marie were fully-fledged winegrowers, working the vines, making the wine, ageing it and marketing the wines they produced.
From 1976 onwards, the area under vines began to increase to the detriment of other crops. This will continue to increase until it reaches 22 hectares in the Bourgueil, St Nicolas de Bourgueil and IGP appellations for the whites.
In 1995 Guy went into partnership with Dominique (his son) and founded the Gaec Duveau Coulon fils. They chose “Domaine du Rochouard” as their name; the name of the emblematic and historic parcel of the house located near Bourgueil Abbey, the cradle of winegrowing in the Bourgueil area.
It was in 1995 that the concept of plot selection This led to the creation of the cuvées “Pierre du Lane” in St Nicolas de Bourgueil and “Le Coteau” in Bourgueil and, a few years later, “Argiles à Silex”, a cuvée of old vines grown on the clay of St Nicolas.
Dominique is moving more and more towards integrated farming (fewer pesticides, no more insecticides and a sharp reduction in the use of chemical weedkillers).
Since 2007, Guy has handed over to Jean-Luc (due to retirement). Together with Dominique (his brother), they brought the estate into the world of Organic Farming (stopping chemical weeding in 2010), starting the AB conversion in 2012 and, after three years, obtaining the AB label
in 2015.
In 2010, the first “atypical” cuvée was created, the full cuvée “R”, followed 5 years later by a natural cuvée “les Onze Boisselées”.
Attracted by the production of white wine, in spring 2019 we were able to plant a parcel ofChenin (a grape variety emblematic of the Loire Valley), which will go into production in 2021.

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Bourgueil – Traditional vintage

Bourgueil: Red
Région : Loire
Appellation : Bourgueil
Color: Red
Grape variety: Cabernet franc (100%)
Alcohol : 12,5%
Surface area: 1:ha35ares, Terroir: Sand and gravel, Average age of vines: 40 years, Pruning: Guyot, Yield: 35 hl/ha, Production: 6,500 bottles.


Following organic farming methods, mechanical weeding on the cavaillon (between the vines) and hoeing between the rows, more or less intense depending on the weather conditions. Fungicide treatments against mildew and powdery mildew are decided on the basis of our observations, weather conditions and alerts from the Chamber of Agriculture. Used at a minimum, these fungal products are combined with herbal teas (horsetail, nettles, etc.) to boost their effectiveness. The use of insecticides is forbidden on the estate, as are anti-rot products. We prefer thinning out the leaves to help aerate the grapes and green harvesting to prevent the bunches from settling.
Before harvest, second-generation bunches as well as any bunches affected by rot, unripe or otherwise, are removed by hand.


Harvesting (mechanical) often takes place at the beginning of the harvest period. Before vatting, the harvest is meticulously sorted. Fermentation is traditional, without yeast, in temperature-controlled vats over 8 to 10 days to preserve the fruit and lightness.
Aged for 6 months in cement vats, lightly filtered.


Fresh, with notes of hedge fruits and wild berries (blackberries and blueberries).
Full-bodied with coated tannins.


To be consumed during youth over 3 years.

Food & Wine Pairings: As an aperitif, with raw vegetables, white meats and goat’s cheese. Grilled red meat, roast beef, fish in sauce, lamb curry, lamb tagine and Asian specialities. Brouillade of truffles, Quiche Vouvrillonne, Salad of rillons, Mignon of pork with Tours prunes


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