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Desprat Saint Verny has been “making” wine in Aurillac since 1885, making it the oldest company in the Cantal, and with Pierre Desprat and now his daughters, 5 generations have succeeded one another. At a time when wine merchants had the same nobility as priests, teachers and notaries, barrels of thirst-quenching wine were delivered to the beautiful Cantalien valley of Mandailles to “feed” the peasants.
Thirst-quenching wines have become pleasure wines, also suitable for ageing, with the great vintages having the ageing potential that is the hallmark of great wines.

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Grape varieties: Gamay and Pinot Noir Terroir : Volcanic
Color: Red
Viticulture : From a blend of our plots located in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes.
Vinification : Destemmed harvest followed by a short fermentation in stainless steel vats.
Tasting notes :
Colour: a beautiful, deep purple
Nose: blackcurrant and grenadine with a hint of smoke
Palate: balanced and velvety, with a long, well-structured finish. Balanced and velvety, with a fairly fine, long finish and little astringency.
Ageing: 3 to 4 years
Serve between 16° and 18°C.
A supple, fruity Gamay to be enjoyed during the summer months. It was also bottled for Sunday meals in the best families and for rare occasions such as christenings, weddings and Republican banquets.
The story begins in the heart of Aurillac, in the rue des Forgerons, where Felix Desprat was a shop assistant to the café owners in the town centre. Maison Desprat underwent significant growth, driven by its founder’s business acumen. New premises soon came into question, and the natural choice was the nearby Chemin de Patay, at the very entrance to the Mandailles valley, which would provide the cradle of a flourishing business for Jean Desprat, the second of that name. His sons Jacques and Michel carried this development into the 90s, paving the way for Jacques’ son Pierre Desprat. Our terroir is not only remarkable but unique, with volcanic soils found in only a few regions of the world. With the recent listing of the Limagne mountain range as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are convinced that we can make it a differentiating asset and a vector for promotion. We are proud of the very special character of these wines, born of a unique and rare soil. The stony side of basalt, the volcanic minerality expresses the identity and originality of our wines. Historically, the Auvergne terroir has produced a lot of red wine, wines with clear peppery and structured characteristics, with a particular presence of Gamays and Pinots that are unlike any others. As for the whites, they can undoubtedly rival the greatest, so much so that the Chardonnay expresses itself here with happiness, elegance and voluptuousness.
Food & wine pairing:
Aperitif, melon and watermelon picnic, sausage and grilled pork and beef, duck with orange sauce

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