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Located in Esvres, Touraine, Bernard and Michel Rousseau farm 19 hectares of vines, mainly in the Touraine Noble Joué appellation. La culture du vignoble suit le principe de la culture raisonnée. The clay-limestone or sandy-siliceous soils make this an ideal terroir for the balance and expression of Pinot.

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Domaine Rousseau is one of five estates in one of the Loire’s smallest appellations. He produces this grey wine (oeil de perdrix) between the Cher and Indre rivers. A blend of 3 pinots known as “Noble”: pinot meunier, pinot gris and pinot noir, which are also found in Champagne, Noble Joué has a long history in France, having been served at Louis XI’s table. This is an astonishing wine, fat and round with very little acidity and aromas of white peaches.

TERROIR: Siliceous clay
GRAPE VARIETIES: Malvoisie is the local name for Pinot Gris, which accounts for 30% of Noble Joué but is harvested late to produce a mellow wine.
CULTURE: The vines are systematically thinned to leave only 6 to 7 bunches per vine. Leaf thinning was carried out by machine at the beginning of July, followed by manual thinning at the beginning of September to give the grapes maximum aeration and sunshine.
WINEMAKING PROCESS: The grapes are harvested by hand in successive selections. We look for noble rot and passerillage (drying out in the sun). Fermentation takes place at a temperature of between 15 and 18°C in stainless steel vats (except for the Last Cuts, which are fermented in new barrels), without yeast. Fermentation takes a long time, between 35 and 60 days, and we stop it by cooling the vats to 0°C to stop the yeasts and retain enough residual sugar to produce a mellow wine. Aged on fine lees until bottling.
CONVERSATION: from 2 to 15 years. Ideally, it should be decanted a few hours before serving.
TASTING: This is a very delicate sweet wine with a fine mouthfeel. The dominant flavour is pear with a touch of pineapple.
Enjoy it as an aperitif, with foie gras, blue-veined cheeses or goat’s cheeses, or with pear and apple tarts.
Food and wine pairing: Perfect as an aperitif or with starters, it also goes well with fish in sauce, white meats, exotic dishes, couscous and all summer grills. vegetable puff pastry, cheese and walnut tartlet, beetroot and apple salad, poached egg with bacon, chicken fricassee with cider, hot cheese on toast and pear in wine

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