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Jean-Luc Viaud represents the 4th generation of winegrowers in his family. He has inherited from his predecessors a passion for his profession that he shares with his wife, Bernadette, an oenologist. They are committed to developing biodiversity on the farm, with an abundance of flora and fauna. The estate is the birthplace of the Melon rouge grape variety. It is also contributing to the renaissance of the Berligou grape variety. You can discover a wide range of products. It includes: vintage Goulaine MSM/Lie, AOC Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie and Gros Plant du Pays Nantais sur lie, IGP du Val de Loire: white, red and rosé, mellow, Traditional Method, sparkling rosé, sparkling and still grape juice, local products. Depending on demand, Jean-Luc and Bernadette also offer guided tours of the vineyards and winery.

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The Pinot noir berligou grape variety, a Nantes selection of the Burgundy Pinot noir variety, was planted at the Jean Luc Viaud estate in May 2016 The first bottles go on sale in October 2019.
Area: 70 ares
Grape variety : Berligou
Age: 3 to 4 years
Terroir : Hilltop
Shallow sandy soil on micaschists
Regular ripeness checks enable us to decide on the optimum harvest date. Mechanical harvesting means that the grapes can be picked at their ideal ripeness as quickly as possible.
The wine is made without sulphiting. A reasoned skin maceration lasting 8 to 10 days extracts the tannins and colour from the skin.
A few months’ barrel ageing stabilises the colour and refines the tannins.
The Berligou cuvée has a relatively dark red colour, fruity and spicy aromas and a strong tannic structure.
This variety requires a lot of attention from the vines. It tends to produce a lot of branches and bunches. We tame it by splitting or removing excess branches.
A light red wine from an old, rustic Pinot Noir grape variety, to be discovered for its lovely, soft tones on the palate, with a hint of acidity on the finish.
Food & wine pairing: assorted charcuterie / dry sausage / cold or hot black pudding in a salad / shoulder of lamb with rosemary / saints. Try it with fine cuts of beef, soft or blue-veined cheeses, or recipes such as beef tongues in Madeira or hot sauce.

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