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Established in 1995 on the family estate at Savigny en Véron. Enter the terroir of Chinon, more precisely at the confluence of the Loire and Vienne rivers, where our grape variety the Cabernet Franc “dit Breton” (called Breton) is rooted between sand and gravel, and at depth it finds the “galuche. It enjoys a temperate climate, with water-permeable soil that warms up to the first rays of sunshine. In order to protect what nature has given us, we have been mechanically tending the soil for several years and use approved organic treatments to preserve our environment. After all these months of work, pruning and removing the wood, bending the rods, removing the leaves, trimming, tending the soil and treating the vines, it’s time for the harvest, the most intense time of the year.
All the grapes are hand-picked to ensure quality. Our vinification remains simple and natural, with fermentation monitored in stainless steel vats. The ‘old vine’ will then spend several months in oak barrels to soften the stronger tannins.

Only the “Le Prieuré” cuvée is vinified and matured in the traditional way in a truncated wooden vat. All the “know-how” inherited from our elders has gone into making this exceptional Chinon.

After this virtual tour, discover the results of our work by choosing the wine you’d like to share with family and friends over a good meal or simply while enjoying a good time!




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Type: still wine
3 years
Grape variety :
cabernet franc
Terroir: Chenin from young vines rooted in Loire gravel on flinty soil (la galuche).
Method: our Chenin grapes are hand-picked, carefully sorted and then pneumatically pressed.
Température : 15 à 18 °c
Caractère :
Riche et rond et Frais
Accords Mets :
Apéritif et Poissons et crustacés. The freshness of this wine makes it ideal as an aperitif, with gourmet starters, white pudding, fresh salads, grilled fish and semi-dry and dry goat’s cheese. Good tasting
Culture : organic

Fat is good for your health.
A white wine that is considered dry, but which undergoes a light maceration to give it body and fullness.
Tender dry white wine with aromas of tangy melon, smooth on the palate.
Serve chilled as an aperitif, with Loire fish, or dare to try with Sainte Maure de Touraine.

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